The Perfect Valentine’s Date: Pandemic Edition

Couple enjoying chocolate cake made in Omnipan

Are you looking for a little bit of creativity when planning the perfect date for this Valentine’s Day, since there’s little to do outside of our homes because of the ongoing pandemic?

Nothing says romance better than cooking a delicious meal for your significant other.

We have carefully curated a special Valentine’s Day plan that will allow you to stay home and enjoy quality time with your date. And don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone so that you can take all the credit.

Here’s our perfect Valentine’s Day plan for those who want to stay home and still make the day meaningful.

1. The Set-Up

Purchasing gorgeous flowers, adding candles, and playing relaxing music will create an ambiance that you and your date will enjoy.

Tailor the occasion with unique items that you know they’ll cherish. Are there any items, themes, or colors that will make them feel extra special? Don’t go for the “red everything” for Valentine’s Day. Instead, choose their favorite color.

These little details will add memorable sentimentality when incorporated into an at-home date.

2. The Cooking Process

You could cook all the food yourself or make the cooking process an activity that you can do together and enjoy throughout the day. Choosing the right food is essential if you want to impress them with your culinary skills.

Whether you choose to cook the food for them or create an intimate experience by cooking together, keep it simple and use cookware that will make the cooking process enjoyable.

You shouldn’t have to worry about overcooking your food or spending time scrubbing food off stubborn cookware. You should instead spend this Valentine’s Day enjoying an effortless cooking experience with your lovely date. Choose cookware that will impress your date (and yourself).

I designed Omnipan™ to make cooking effortless. These are hassle-free pans with a sleek design that will allow you to cook freely in your kitchen.

You won’t need to worry about anything other than the enticing dishes you’re cooking. Omnipan will help you create an upscale ambiance for your at-home date without any hassles so that you can focus more on the quality time spent together.

While Omnipan isn’t on the market yet, it’ll make its debut on Kickstarter very soon.

Reserve your invite and get an exclusive discount offered for our early backers who support the initial launch on Kickstarter.

So the next time you’re celebrating something special, you’ll have your own set of Omnipan to help you with the cooking.

3. The Food

We’ve done the hard part for you and chose three unique (and easy) recipes that will leave your date’s taste buds dancing for this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s What’s on the Menu:

Avocado baked with egg

Baked Salmon with Succotash for an easy and flavorful dinner.

Baked salmon with succotash

Divine Chocolate Cake with berries to top off the evening with a sweet bite.

Divine Chocolate Cake

These delicious gourmet dishes will impress your date — and you may even impress yourself with your newfound culinary skills.

Bon appétit!

These recipes are designed for Omnipan, but you can easily make them with any oven-safe cookware you have.

Seema is Founder & CEO of Chef-Avenue, an innovative Cookware Startup in Northern California. She will be debuting Omnipan™ on Kickstarter in the coming months.