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The lost art of actually enjoying the food you eat

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It’s one of the world’s most common misconceptions that your palate is at the mercy of your cooking ability - or your finances. I believe that actually, it’s possible to have a real passion and joy for the food you put in your mouth even if you don’t make it yourself, or afford to pay someone else a good deal of money to do it.

As the mother of a millennial man, this is something I have observed. My son and his friends are health-driven people. They want to eat healthy and be well-informed with everything that impacts their health…

Couple enjoying chocolate cake made in Omnipan

Are you looking for a little bit of creativity when planning the perfect date for this Valentine’s Day, since there’s little to do outside of our homes because of the ongoing pandemic?

Nothing says romance better than cooking a delicious meal for your significant other.

We have carefully curated a special Valentine’s Day plan that will allow you to stay home and enjoy quality time with your date. And don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone so that you can take all the credit.

Here’s our perfect Valentine’s Day plan for those who want to stay home and still make the…

Photo by Dimitri Houtteman

The Shoes

Am I the only one who feels anxious from time to time about how I’ll fill big shoes?

I’m sure everyone’s big shoes are different, but many of us have felt the same uneasiness at some point in our lives.

This is my story.

Here I am in my 50’s, living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my loving husband and caring son. I’m happy with my life and grateful for every moment. However, I occasionally can’t help but wonder when I’ll feel that I’ve finally filled the big shoes my parents left behind.

My parents were incredibly gifted…

Seema Shenoy

Seema is Founder & CEO of Chef-Avenue, an innovative Cookware Startup in Northern California. She will be debuting Omnipan™ on Kickstarter in the coming months.

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